It’s not that easy,
the Queen of Schwabylon.


Peak under Munich’s side streets with your friends in this City Puzzle Quest. A phone-free experience with brain tickling puzzles.

1. Buy the package and you’ll receive it by mail.
2. Find a few friends who want to join you.
3. Go to the starting location.
4. Open the game. Everything you need to play is inside.
5. Find the queen’s true identity.
A City Puzzle Quest is a self-guided adventure where your team will go from location to location through Schwabing, solving a series of puzzles using your surroundings at each new location. The puzzles you will encounter are similar to an escape room.
Material teaser for Queen of Schwabylon City Puzzle Quest showing a dial and napkins that were drawn onto. Buy the game now to figure out what they mean.
All historical facts in this experience are true

One woman touched every corner of this city.

110 years ago, everything was different. Munich was compared to Vienna and Paris as an artistic hotspot, featuring the artists who cover the walls of today’s museums.
A part of every social circle: artists, musicians, philosophers, poets. Her existence captured the time in such a way, people called her “the Queen.”


censored photos of a woman and boy and a letter

Yet today, no, it’s not that easy is nearly unknown.


Her story has been buried under 100 years of history and 2 world wars, hidden in streets she walked on.


If you pay close attention and follow her footsteps, you can still hear the echos of her story that continue to reverberate through the streets of Schwabing today.

Begin your quest to meet the Queen of Schwabylon



Envelope with puzzles and other materials of the queen of schwabylon City Puzzle Quest falling out.
two people holding a map and smiling while on the Quen of Schwabylon City Puzzle Hunt
“We had a ton of fun as a group, and we learned a lot about Munich in a way that I’ve never experienced before”

– Anna M.


4 people on a bench reading instructions before heading of to the Queen of Schwabylon City Puzzle Hunt
“You learn things that you didn’t know even if you’ve lived here for 10 years”

– Fabian M.


Looking down on four people sitting in a circle examining clues for the Queen of Schwabylon City Puzzle Quest
“I really enjoyed the historical facts and the story… that’s so much better than just a fictional story.”

– Johannes F.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is it COVID-safe?

The game is played entirely outdoors, and you will not need to be in-contact with anyone besides the people who are in your group (of 2-5 people). Keeping a 1.5m distance from your group while playing is not easy– hence, we recommend that you play with people who are already inside your social bubble.

Above all, please follow the current local regulations at

What exactly is a City Puzzle Quest?

A City Puzzle Quest is a self-guided adventure where your team will go from location to location through Schwabing, solving a series of puzzles using your surroundings at each new location. The puzzles you will encounter are similar to an escape room. The game is not like a scavenger hunt where you collect hidden items, photos, or complete social challenges, nor is it like pub-trivia where you would need prior knowledge.


How exactly does it work after I order the package?

You’ll receive a package by mail. After you open it, you’ll find instructions of where to start the game, as well as the envelope which will have all of the tools to play the city puzzle quest. The instructions will tell you the exact starting location, and a few hints on what to bring along. From here, you will be on your own- find a few friends who want to join you, and meet at the starting location whenever the weather is nice. All of the instructions for the game are inside.

Are all of the clues permanent? What if someone removes a clue from its location?

All of the clues you will need to solve the puzzles are permanent structures in public spaces. No objects have been placed by us in the city for this experience. All of the clues should be in the same place for the next 50 years or so.

What if we get stuck, lost, or can’t solve a puzzle?

No worries, we’ve included hints in the end of the book for each puzzle to nudge you in the right direction. If you get really stuck or stop enjoying a puzzle, we also included a link to a website where there are solutions to skip a puzzle. We also have included a system where you can easily check your solutions before walking to the next location– we wouldn’t want you to get too lost.

How difficult are the puzzles?

The game is an easy-medium level of difficulty. That means it’s a perfect challenge if someone in your group has already done one or two escape rooms or play-at-home “Exit” games before. However, if you’re new to this kind of game, there are small hints and solutions included.. Or are you a veteran puzzler and enthusiast? Then the puzzles will be easier for you, and you’ll appreciate the materials and story, above all.


How do we know if we completed/won the game?

As soon as you solve the last puzzle, you will know if you’ve completed the game or not– we promise! It’s not a points-based system where you earn points for doing “better” or “worse,” nor do you have to send us anything to confirm that you won or lost.

Is the game reusable?

After you play the game, it won’t be fun to play it a second time if you already know how to solve all of the puzzles. We are proud to have made the game mostly reusable to minimize waste– only one object is destroyed in the process of playing (the book). To make the package playable a second time, you will need to buy a “Refill Kit” here, and follow the instructions for resetting the game (you’ll find the link at the end of the game). After playing it yourself, we suggest keeping it around for visiting friends or family to play. Or secretly pass the package to an unsuspecting stranger. Entirely up to you.

Where does the game take place?

This quest starts in a secret location in Schwabing (a 6 minute walk from Münchner Freiheit or Kurfürstenplatz). We’ll send you the secret starting-point with the package. You finish the quest about 1.5 km from where you started.

How long does it take?

The full experience takes about 2.5 hours with 3km of walking. The game’s ending location is near plenty of great bars and restaurants suitable for a victory celebration.

What language is it in?

It’s just in English for now. But we’re working on the German version. However, we wrote the texts and puzzles for folks who speak English as a second language (like most of us). Subscribe to our newsletter and we’ll let you know as soon as the German version is available.

How many people can play at once?

Playing as a group of 3-4 people is most fun. 2-5 works as well (adventurous first date, anyone?). For more than five, purchase an additional package and split into teams for some friendly competition. For larger numbers (like for a unique company event), we’d be happy to help you set that up smoothly, just email us.


I can't afford the price of the game

If the game is out of your price range, email us at with what price would be affordable for you, and we’ll do our best to match that. Our goal is for everyone to be able to play who wants to!

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