Refill Kit – The Queen of Schwabylon


Pass on the adventure! This Refill Kit allows for a replay of The Queen of Schwabylon like new, instead of buying a new package.

Delivery time: 5-7 Business Days

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We tried to make the package as reusable as possible to minimize unnecessary waste. By buying this Refill Kit, the Queen of Schwabylon puzzle hunt can be played again, just like new!

Before you buy a Refill Kit, please read through the Refill Kit instructions that will guide you to make sure nothing is missing in your kit, so it can be played again just like new.

In the comments when you check-out, write anything that is missing, damaged, or drawn on from your original kit.

This Refill Kit contains:

  • A new Puzzle Book (With “your quest begins here” on the cover).
  • Any items that you need replaced*


* If the items you need replaced with the refill kit add up to a significant value, we may ask for an additional payment to cover the production costs of missing / damaged items.

Weight 100 g
Dimensions 24,5 × 17 × 0,5 cm

English, German