Warning! Spoilers ahead! Do not read if you haven’t played the Queen of Schwabylon yet.

How to reset the Queen of Schwabylon Package

You finished the game, and want to pass it along to a friend? Great! Here are the instructions to “reset” the game for the next person to play.

One of our goals in creating this game was to reduce waste, that’s why we made it reusable- thanks for helping us give these materials a second life 🙂

Before you order the Refill Kit:

Go through this list and see if you have all of these items. Keep a note of any items that are missing / damaged / written on. You can order replacements with the refill kit.

  • B3 Mailing envelope
  • Game Envelope
  • “Dear Adventurers” note with directions to Skt. Ursula Kirche
  • “After the End” Envelope

  • Removable Puzzle #2 Instructions (inside of Puzzle Book)

  • Schwabylon Map
  • Compass
  • 4 Napkins (held together by a small metal clip)
  • Bar Map
  • Puzzle Book (Put this away from the rest of the materials! This is the part that will not be reused, we will send you a new one.)
  • Plaque Photo (of the Akademie der bildenden Künste)
  • Azbe Photo (with code on the back)
  • 4 Church postcards (wrapped in a small brown paper)
  • 3 “Ending” Envelopes (each with a different colored thread, wrapped in white string with a label on it that reads “one of these envelopes holds my identity.” )

  • Fanny’s photo
  • “The End” note
  • 6 “The End” paper slips with quotes

Buy the Refill Kit

When you buy the Refill Kit, write any objects that are damaged, missing, or marked in the comments in the check-out page*. Buy the Refill Kit here.

And now let’s wait until your Refill Kit arrives for the next step.

*We’ll give you these missing items for free, unless it’s something / a combination of things that has a significant cost. We might ask you to pay a bit extra if more than one thing is missing to cover our production costs.

Your Refill Kit has arrived! Putting it all back together:

Find a comfortable spot with your used game package and the new Refill Kit. Follow these video instructions to put it back together so it’s ready to be passed on and played again!